About Papa Kuma


It all started when…

Founder and chef, Justin ‘Papa Bear’ Patterson, was just a kid.


He grew up spending a lot of time cooking his own meals. This meant learning how to cook! Hours of watching other chefs, reading books, and practice practice practice turned into a polished skill set.

Once he was a little older, Papa Bear found his passion in the back of professional kitchens. He worked his way up the ranks and accomplished a dream. Unfortunately, being tied to one kitchen, one city, one place did not sit right with Justin. He then explored all sorts of careers in all sorts of cities. This promoted his love of unique and varied cuisine. As he traveled the globe, ol’ Papa Bear learned a few things:

Everything is better when made with care and love.

Community is no exception!

And bringing your love and care to your craft directly affects your community.

When Justin found himself home, nestled in the hills of Austin, he brought these lessons with him.

Leaving careers behind, Papa Bear built Papa Kuma from the ground up with support of family and friends. It centers around bringing some of Justin’s favorite foods to his local community. And that is what Papa Kuma is all about!

Bring your passion. Sprinkle it with care. Top it with love.

And remember, just put in a little more than you take out. It makes the world a better place.